Benefits Of The Spotify Family Plan

As you know, the music streaming service of audio content Spotify is extremely popular in many countries around the world. His fans are used to having high-quality sound and a huge music library at their disposal. Sometimes there are even situations when users, having already created a family, continue to use the individual basic Spotify tariff. Or the family is looking for the most profitable tariff plan among streaming platforms. To resolve such or similar situations, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the benefits of the Spotify family tariff.

It should be noted that the Family plan exists among the subscriptions of many music streaming platforms. Their main difference is the difference in price, although not so significant, and the number of connected devices. So, first of all, you need to decide on the streaming service itself, which must satisfy individual requirements for listening to music. But if the user has already chosen the Spotify service, they should take a closer look at the tariff plans.

The family subscription of Spotify will be beneficial for a family with more than two users, since a convenient Spotify Duo tariff is provided for a couple. But for a more populous family, it is the Family tariff that is convenient. Moreover, a trial period is available for new users of the Premium subscription, which means free use of this Premium subscription for one month.

Premium Family can be used by a family that lives at the same address. This is an important condition and Spotify periodically checks its implementation. If it is found that this condition is not met by any user, then he is automatically transferred to an individual subscription and for 12 months has no right to use the Spotify family subscription.

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With this tariff plan, music without ads, high-quality sound, the ability to listen to music offline, the ability to skip tracks at a frequency of more than 6 tracks per hour (although there is such a limitation in the free version) will be available. These benefits are available for Premium Family, however, like other Premium subscriptions. But there are other positive aspects of the Spotify family subscription.

  • Ability to connect up to 6 devices to one Spotify profile. This means that up to 6 family members can use one Spotify account.
  • The price is one of the main advantages of this tariff. This subscription costs $14.99 per month. It’s easy to calculate the family budget savings just by imagining that every Spotify user in the family would have an individual subscription.
  • Parental control. This useful option is designed to block inappropriate content, that is, “music for adults.” Families with children really appreciate this feature.
  • Ability to create a playlist with music that the whole family likes. Recommendations will also take into account the interests of each family member.

It should be noted that more than 60% of all Premium subscribers of the Spotify streaming service use the Premium Family tariff plan. So the conclusion suggests itself: the Spotify Premium Family tariff plan really has its advantages and is cost-effective.

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