Best Hi-Res Music Streaming Services In 2022

Streaming music is becoming more and more popular every day and is winning the hearts of true music fans. According to experts, today the number of music streaming services in the world reaches one thousand. Of course, not all of them work at the world level. Most belong to regional or national streaming platforms. But the competition in this market is very high. Therefore, each streaming service tries to offer all music lovers and its subscribers, in particular, the best conditions and the most effective features.

One of these features and a very important parameter when evaluating a particular music streaming service is the sound quality that it offers when playing music content. And every day more and more well-known music streaming platforms implement the function of lossless sound in high resolution.

High-Resolution is music data that contains more audio information than a CD and excels at conveying the clarity, power, and depth of sound. When digitizing original audio, there are areas of the audio that cannot be burned to a CD.

Since 3 to 6.5 times more information can be recorded in high definition than on a CD, you can feel the atmosphere and presence of the recording place. If you want to enjoy music with sound quality close to the original sound, the following three values ​​will be useful to you:

1. Sampling frequency: the higher the value, the larger the range that can be reproduced.

2. Number of quantization bits. The higher the value, the more accurately the sound can be reproduced.

3. Bitrate: The higher the value, the higher the audio quality that can be transmitted.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of subscription music distribution services that allow you to enjoy music anytime you can listen.

Because a shared music subscription is distributed as compressed music data, the sound quality is lower than that of a CD-based audio source.

Some Amazon Music and Apple Music streaming plans allow you to listen to higher quality songs at no additional charge. The medium is becoming more accessible for high-quality subscriptions. By paying a flat fee, you can enjoy as much music as you want, anywhere, which is an attractive music subscription.

However, high-definition and high-quality subscriptions have a large amount of data, so you need to be careful about communication costs and storage space.

When listening to high-resolution or high-quality music streaming, you need to pay attention to the communication costs of your smartphone. HD is compatible with CD-equivalent lossless audio sources, while ULTRA HD is compatible with high-definition audio sources.

While the standard streaming speed is up to 320kbps, you can enjoy high quality music up to 850kbps in HD and up to 3730kbps in ULTRA HD.

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By downloading and listening in a Wi-Fi environment, you can use the streaming service in high quality without worrying about communication costs. There are currently three subscriptions where you can listen to high-definition music: Amazon Music HD, Tidal HD, and Apple Music. A premium subscription in high quality without loss was also announced by the Swedish music market leader Spotify.

Today, there are several world-famous music streaming services that offer users a premium subscription with high quality sound:

• Tidal HD;

• Deezer HD;

• Apple Music HD;

• Amazon Music HD;

• Spotify Hi-Fi;

• Qobus Hi-Fi.

It is likely that lesser-known regional and national music streaming services may follow the lead of the global music market in the near future.

Of course, high-definition music streaming on any of the music streaming services is only available with a premium subscription. This option is not included in the free version.

I would like to note right away that in order for the excessive costs of high-quality music to pay off, high-quality playback equipment will be required. It is expensive, but the effect of listening to streaming music in high definition on such equipment will be simply stunning.

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