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Benchmarking Top Ten Music Streaming Platforms

When it comes to choosing the best music providers, it was always going to get tough, though we have conducted our research and put the best streaming providers head to head.

Accordingly, we are going to benchmark top ten music steaming providers, here.

Let us look at the list what we have compiled. Here is the comparison based on pricing, library size, Sound quality and offline listening.

Servicebase monthly price ($)Size of libraryOffline Listening
Google Play 9.99-14.9935mYes
Apple 9.99-14.9930mYes
iHeart Radio4.99-14.99Radio StationsNo
Amazon Prime7.99 – 14.9945mYes
Sound Cloud6.99-14.9910mNo


“Should you look for a free service, go for Google Play music free. If you are looking for a decent paid service with high res audio, try out the Spotify.”

Among all of the streaming providers, the Spotify as well as Deezer offers the most feature-rich free and ad supported version. On the other hand, the Apple Music and Amazon Music unlimited subscriptions are paid. Though, Google Play music offers a decent free subscription with up to 50,000 songs upload.

iHeartRadio is based purely on free radio stations. 8tracks performs well as a paid subscription, though as a free user, you can only listen to one hour of free music and after that, you will have to pay. Price of all of those are quite similar except Tidal.

Being the most expensive one, the user has to pay $19.99 per month for listening to Tidal music. Well, on the other side, the 8tracks being the cheapest one costs $4.99 per month, though according to our user feedback analyst, it is not worth the money. So, according to our analysis,


“When it comes to consider the capacity of the libraries, you got to keep the Amazon Unlimited on top” 

The library volume is really huge in Amazon, though only Amazon Unlimited subscribers will be able to access the full library priced at 14.99. In accession, the library of Google Play, Spotify and Apple has the same quantity.

The iHeartRadio is based on radio services and SoundCloud offers a pretty handsome level of quantity in their library. Though, Pandora, Deezer and Tidal have around 15m to 20m songs in their libraries.


“Regarding the compatibility, the Spotify and Amazon should be at the top, as they have supports for Windows too in addition to Android and iPhone.”

It is important that your music service providers support all operating system both on the web and off the web. A good music streaming provider should have their own platform for PC, mobile and web browser. On this point, the Spotify and Amazon have decent apps for Windows, mobile platforms including Windows and web browsers.

Google play comes up with vast support for the browsers and androids, though it does not provide any app specifically for Windows. Furthermore, the Pandora and Deezer, both provide decent service in terms of compatibility.    

Design and User interface

“While considering the designing and user interface, we do believe that the, Spotify should be at the top, though all of them provides a decent user interface and design.”

When you think of design as well as user interface, we understand that it always requires a handsome look and all of the important buttons should be just underneath the mouse cursor. In this regard, we believe that all of them provides a decent user interface, yet Spotify should be at the top, as it develops a specific app for listening to the playlists only.

Though, it is available in Australia right now, we believe it will come into play all over the world soon. In addition to that, the Spotify user interface is feature rich. Whenever a user interface becomes feature rich, it gets clumsy or too saturated, though, amazingly, the Spotify user interface is completely slim even after being feature-rich.

In this point, Google Play should be the one considering a little bit development of their music streaming platform, as it ought to have more features.     

Offline listening

In terms of offline listening, all of them provides the same service except iHeartRadio, 8 Tracks and Sound Cloud. Being completely cloud based, they provide service on the web only.

Though, the online user mix of 8 tracks and free radio stations of iHeartRadio is highly adorable, as far as user review is concerned.

The Quality that matters most

“In terms of sound quality, Spotify and Tidal is at the top. They both are the only true lossless music provider”.

When it comes to high-res music, lots of music streaming providers claim to provide the hi-fi and lossless music. Though, you must know that the Spotify and Tidal are the only music streaming services providing true lossless music. Sound quality of Apple, Amazon, Deezer and Pandora should be at the same page.

Our verdict 

“As Tidal is the most expensive one, consider Spotify as the best music streaming provider as far as quality and quantity, both are concerned in accession to pricing”

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