Best Music Streaming Service in 2022

A subscription to a music streaming service lets you discover new artists, explore different genres, or re-listen to great classics. Today, there are about one thousand music streaming services in the world. Only a few of them are known worldwide, while the rest have the status of regional or national.

If there is no choice, how do you know which platform will suit you best for all the criteria you are looking for? All music streaming services look more or less the same. When you subscribe to one of them, you get a wide selection of music, themed playlists, and recommendations tailored to your tastes.

Many also include podcasts and even videos, such as those from the Swedish music streaming service Spotify Premium in this area.

Best Music Streaming Service in 2022

Regardless of your preference, you can subscribe to the Premium offer from €11.99 per month or the Family Offer for €17.99 per month. In addition to paid subscriptions, in order to attract as many users as possible, some platforms also offer a free version, such as Spotify. However, they are very limited, such as offline listening is not possible, ads play between songs, and music selection is limited.

To find out which music streaming service best suits your needs, we recommend that you check out the free versions first.

With a market share of 36% and more than 400 million active users, Spotify maintains its position as the top most popular music streaming service in the world. The Swedish green giant is now valid in almost 200 countries on all continents of the planet. It is Spotify that shows the highest growth rates among its peers in the streaming music industry. This situation has been observed for several years in a row. In addition, Spotify is committed to introducing innovative technologies as much as possible, thanks to which it gains a competitive advantage among other players in the music industry.

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It provides you with a large collection of online music accompanied by playlists defined upstream to highlight new titles or classics you might like.

Among its features are displaying lyrics, podcasts, videos, sharing playlists with friends, further adding value to the Swedish platform, or a play queue.

Also, Spotify has managed to seduce thanks to various subscription formulas. After all, its free version, for example, gives access to millions of songs, but only in random playback, and this is interrupted by commercial breaks.

To choose the titles you want to listen to, their order, ad-free and offline, choose the Premium subscription for 9.99 euros per month. You will find the same benefits in the Student package with a 50% discount.

There is also Spotify Family which offers six Premium accounts for a monthly fee of €15.99, and Spotify Duo to connect two Premium accounts for your relatives living under the same roof for €12.99.

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