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In a situation like this, when you are locked down at your home and have less or nothing to do at all, the only escape you will find in is music. Music is always a tool for everyone to let down their hair and relax. This writing will help you find the best music streaming service online so that you do not waste any second of your valuable time searching for different services and find the perfect one which matches your device and demand.

All in one: (Spotify)

In the market, there are several streaming services like Pandora Premium, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, and so on. Among all of them, Spotify seems best because of its user-friendly feature and fantastic quality of service. Spotify has a wide range of services and allows its users to use a different range of products. As this service is compatible with Android, iPhone, or any other device, it is acceptable to many. The best part of Spotify is that it comes with a free version. Although it has some pop up adds within, if it is okay with you, then no problem at all. Spotify has a music streaming quality of 320Kbps resolution, which makes its users happy. As long as you are okay with not having any live broadcasting, you will happily accept Spotify because it has no live streaming services. However, it has podcasts and video streaming services, which helps for its better customer retention. 

Here are some evaluation details for Spotify:

  • Highly compatible with almost all operating system
  • Huge range of content
  • Audio quality satisfactory for all types of listeners
  • Free version available with adds
  • No scope for watching live contents

Suitable for Apple users: (Apple Music)

If you are a user of the iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device, you are aristocrat enough to use any other music seaming services than Apple Music. Apple Music associates with Apple devices well, which also has a wide range of song collections. Apple Music is favorite to many Apple users because it is compatible with Siri and apple watch. Apple Music is also one step ahead of other services with its stunning content. Not only this, but they also have Beats 1 radio station and a lot of exclusive music. Apple Music does not come for free. However, it has different packages for different users. Its pricing strategy has three criteria starting from $4.99 to $14.99. it has a student plan of $4.99, a regular program of $9.99, and a family size plan suitable for six users with a cost of $14.99 per month. 

Here are some evaluation details for Apple Music:

  • Highly compatible with Apple devices
  • Comes up with a wide range of music collection
  • It does not have any free service.
  • Has three different packages of three diverse range for the betterment of its users

Nearly Perfect Audiophiles: (Tidal)

Tidal is specially designed and targeted for those people who want to have the best quality audio and do not compromise with the audio quality. Although it is not free, beset quality never offers free service; it costs a minimal amount for its newest users, which is $4 for the first four months. It provides 320Kbps resolution its HiFi plan provides 1411Kbps resolution in Lossless FLAC format. Nevertheless, the HiFi plan is equipped with 3D audio tracks, which has Sony 360 Reality Audio or Dolby Atoms. Like it, other competitors, Tidal does not offer any free service.

The pricing strategy of Tidal is designed in such a way so that it can grab every type of customer. It has a premium package which is priced at $9.99per month for each account. However, the family package costs $14.99per month, which can be used by six people. HiFi plan for Tidal costs $19.99, and the family pack for the HiFi range is $29.99. Why should students be charged more when there are always unique benefits for them in all cases? Tidal offers relatively lower pricing for students. Its regular package is $4.99 for students, and the HiFi plan is $9.99 per month for students only. Besides, they get a 30-day trial offer for new members within the regular rate.

Here are some evaluation details for Tidal:

  • The excellent audio quality which satisfies the users most
  • Lossless playback opportunity
  • Availability of a different range of platforms
  • Better video quality and acceptance of happy customers
  • Differentiated pricing strategy
  • No free service

The one that Suits Alexa Best: (Amazon Music)

It is not only compatible with many devices; it especially goes well with Alexa and offers a discount to Prime and Echo users.

Amazon Music is available on a variety of platforms such as iOS, Android, web form, and so on. Besides this, the service is highly compatible with Alexa and Echo. The pricing strategy is also specially designed for users who use other Amazon products. It usually costs $9.99 each month, but for the Prime subscribers, the cost is cut into $7.99 each month. Other than this, Prime members have exceptional support of six users to use a family pack for $14.99 per month. You may get a cheap offer at $3.99 per month if you want to use a music streaming service on Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Here are some evaluation details for (Amazon Music):

  • Special offer for Amazon users or prime subscribers
  • Good music quality
  • Wide range of music library available for music lovers
  • No content available other than songs

The one that best suits Android: (Youtube Music)

Youtube music is the platform used by almost every person who uses a smartphone or laptop or any other device for listening to music. Although it goes well with all Android devices, it is compatible with all Google apps and services, including Google Assistant. If you are not an Android user, if you use iOS or the web only, you can still use YouTube. The majority accepts Youtube due to its user-friendly nature and natural features. You can search for any song based on the location or lyrics. You may also visit different singers’ channel and watch their videos. Everything has both positive and negative sites; YouTube is not an exception. Although it is compatible with a lot of devices and services, it does not support Amazon Alexa. This means you cannot listen to music using youtube when you are using Alexa with Bluetooth connection.

Here are some evaluation details for (YouTube)

  • No subscription fees
  • Highly compatible with all services and devices
  • Does not support in Alexa
  • Functional integration with Google services
  • No option for lossless music

Music is something that we cannot avoid. It has immense pleasure kept inside, which helps you to take yourself out of the cocoon and enlighten yourself in your color. No matter whatever you feel and whatever your language is, your favorite tune will always go with your mood. To help you get your songs more naturally is our motive. This is why we prepared this writeup so that you can choose the best service that fits you. Based on your financial ability and network availability, you can select any one of them and start going with the tune.