Best Paid Music Visualizers

Music visualizers are experiencing a rebirth. These programs are now becoming more and more in demand due to the spread of social networks and music streaming services.

Anyone who posts their music content, for example, on YouTube or Facebook, wants it to be as visible as possible and stand out from the rest.

In fairness, it’s worth noting that free tools provide the same opportunities for creating beautiful visualizations as paid programs.

However, if you don’t want to put up with in-app ads, lack of quick tech support, or some tweaks, then we’ll cover the best music visualizers available on a subscription basis.

Renderforest is a popular cloud platform for those who want to create visual content without any design skills. The key areas of this platform are the creation of video instructions, animations, presentations and visualizations of music.

The interface of Renderforest will be clear even to those who have no experience with video. For each template in the gallery, there are several stylized variations and a minimum of manual customization. After you select the most suitable template option, the program will offer you to save the video for free (with a watermark) or go directly to paid export options.

In the free version of the application, you can export videos in 360p quality up to 3 minutes. All exported videos will have a watermark. You can remove the watermark for at least $9. At the same time, you can pay one-time for each video, you can buy a subscription to the application, buy an additional quality upgrade or overlay a watermark with your brand logo. In other words, Renderforest has a “pay for what you use” system. Whether such a system is beneficial for you depends on the number of projects per month and the requirements for the quality of finished videos.

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Videobolt is another online editor with a built-in music visualizer. Judging by the set of tools, this program is more focused on musicians and DJs than podcasters: most of the templates in the gallery resemble music album covers.

Videobolt allows you to upload audio from your computer or directly from SoundCloud. When you first load the application, you will see a pop-up window with tips that will help you quickly get used to the interface. However, there is no great need for it – the Videobolt interface is clear even without instructions. Creating an animation consists of two steps: in the first step, you upload your track, artist information, and background. Then, using the settings in the menu on the left, you can customize the animation style and output video quality.

Among the options available for customization are the color theme, bit rate, and video effects. After you decide on the main characteristics, you will be asked to create a 15-second video in low quality with a watermark. At this point, you can return to editing and finalize the animation, or choose a subscription plan for high quality export right away. Subscriptions start at €7.99 per month and include video export up to 6 minutes, commercial license, licensed audio library, stock video gallery and cloud file storage. Videobolt does not offer a free plan or trial period.

So, the paid versions of music visualizers have a lot of advantages. But if you don’t use this tool very often, then ask yourself if it’s worth paying for what you can get for free using free music visualization apps.

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