Best Party Speakers In 2022

Any party or trip to nature will become a real pleasant adventure if it is accompanied by good music. It is more fun to ride and walk to the music, it is better and more interesting to relax to the music.

But choosing good speakers for a party or outing is not easy. We present for example some of the most popular models today.

Before we start our ranking of wireless speakers, it is worth pointing out which aspects you should pay the most attention to when choosing the ideal model for yourself. Speaker power, the number of diaphragms and amplifiers, frequency response – these aspects should be taken into account if we are interested in sound quality.

Of course, you need to know that wireless systems are not perfect and are not the favorite of music lovers, while high-end devices can impress with excellent sound quality, so you should not immediately rule out wireless models in this regard.

In the case of wireless mobile speakers, size also matters a lot. You can find models that can fit in your pocket, they are also slightly larger, but still relatively easy to carry around. The battery life is also important. No one wants to turn off the music in the middle of an outdoor event and look for a replacement, because the column will need to be recharged.

The Sony SRS-XG500 is a very durable portable speaker with a minimalistic yet elegant design. It has USB, mini-jack, guitar and microphone ports. The speaker has a Bluetooth module, but you can also play songs from external memory through the already mentioned USB port.

Best Party Speakers

Speaking of sound quality, it is worth noting that this speaker uses X-Balanced Speaker Unit technology. In practice, this means clear sound with strong vocals and tight bass. Just right for an outdoor party. The loudspeaker is very loud and allows you to synchronize up to 100 other speakers, so you can successfully amplify even a large area. The device is IP66 certified. It supports USB charging and fast charging – “full” takes about 3 hours. One charge is enough for 30 hours of listening to music. An interesting addition is the LIVE Sound mode.

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JBL Extreme 3 is a model designed for the most demanding users when it comes to tough conditions. Rain, mechanical damage, dust – these problems do not matter much for this speaker. At the same time, it is quite small and relatively light for such a solid device (it weighs less than two kilograms).

Best Party Speakers

It is worth paying attention to the power of this speaker, which is extremely impressive – it is as much as 100 watts. So it plays very, very loud, and at the same time clean, without noise and distortion. High tones are very noticeable. Fans of strong bass should definitely be pleased. At the same time, high power does not prevent this column from working for a long time on a single charge. When fully charged, Extreme 3 plays up to 15 hours, and the charge itself takes only 2.5 hours. The device has a Bluetooth module, as well as an AUX connector (and a power bank function).

The Philips TAS7505 is one of the nicest offerings on this list. This is a small, lightweight (weighs about 860 grams) mobile speaker that features intuitive controls and a pleasantly loud sound.

Best Party Speakers

The loudspeaker is IPX7 certified, so even those with more demanding pursuits should be interested, though it certainly isn’t meant for extreme situations like the one above from JBL. A power of 30 W is the most optimal parameter for a mobile speaker, and USB charging, which takes about 4.5 hours (a little longer than many other speakers from this rating, but can be swallowed), allows you to play even 20 hours.

Excellent build quality is also one of the key advantages of the Philips TAS7505 speaker.

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