Best Rock Albums 2022

We’ve already moved into the second half of the year, and the inevitable first half of the year’s best lists will start popping up in everything they say about music online. There are already many interesting names on this list that are worth remembering.

Probably, one of the most unexpected and pleasant surprises for fans of rock music was the album of the legendary Scorpions called “Rock Believer”. “Scorpions” presented amazingly lively, dynamic, bright, “timeless” material. Well, of course, the albums of the early eighties are most suitable for comparison, there are some borrowings from there, but this does not look artificial.

And it looks like these guys dropped their thirties, gathered in one room and decided to play hard rock for fun. Drummer Mickey Dee gave the band a modicum of motorhead fervor and off they went. The album is excellent listening from start to finish in the standard, eleven-song version.

Few bands celebrating 50 years of their career manage to produce a work that is updated with the same originality as the Scorpions did in Rock Believer. We already know from the first track that good things are ahead of us. Be that as it may, the Scorpions have done what they promised a long time ago and gave us a great album that can please longtime fans and newcomers alike. After two albums that clearly spelled out “the last album”, the Scorpions released another album, and something tells me that even this can’t be the “last Scorpions album”.

But, besides the rock legend, we can mention a few more performers and groups that have pleased rock lovers with their creations.

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  • “Little Green House” is the debut album from Connecticut’s young hardcore emo band Anxious. With themes that bring the transition from adolescence to adulthood closer, using a very melodic and clear sound that is at the same time nostalgic but also fits very well with this “emo revival” of recent years.
  • “Roots” is the second studio album from one of the best retro rock bands Children of the Sun to date. The Swedish sextet, with a range of songs that combine classic 60s rock with a touch of blues, light psychedelia and catchy melodies, deserves your attention for saving that hippie vibe from the Woodstock festival with all the modern paraphernalia. measure. Definitely a group to keep an eye on.
  • “Gifts from the Holy Spirit” – Dorothy’s most impressive work, created with the help of all her musical partners. Hard rock and pop blended perfectly together, creating a sense of weight and melody that most modern rock bands sometimes lack. This will certainly further strengthen the name of the group in the current scenario and further enhance its significance for modern rock. Besides the feeling that Dorothy Martin can sing everything, I also got the impression that she wants to sing exactly what Gifts From The Holy Spirit gives us. The album contains beautiful lyrics, and since it’s short, it’s in moderation. The track that gave the album its title reinforces this poetic and decorative aesthetic that it preaches.
  • Harry’s House” is probably proof that British artist Harry Styles still has a lot of firewood to burn. We do not agree to say that this is his final work, but it certainly represents an evolution and maturity. The present is pleasant, but given that he is about 30 years old, one can look forward to his further musical achievements.

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