Best Sites To Sell Beats Online

Traktrain is a service that gives producers a huge open window into the market for vocalists and rappers who are looking for music to use in their content. Trakstars is an invitation-only service and requires that you, as a user, receive an invitation from a currently registered member, or you can request an invitation through the site form, but it will take time and patience to process. You can sign up and start selling even with a free account and ending with paid options from $9 to $19 per month, which will give you additional benefits. A huge bonus will be a commission of 0% on sales. The seller can change prices for individual tracks and provide buyers with options to rent beats. The free tariff plan includes the following features: a limit on the sale of 15 copies of the first track while maintaining 100% of the income.

Soundclick is perfect for rappers and vocalists looking for hip hop beats. There are 3 pricing plans: free, silver and gold ($8 and $15 per month respectively). When buying a single or an album in the first two packages, a commission of 15% is withdrawn, and when using the gold tariff, a commission of 0%.

Soundclick officially started operating in 1997. This site has always been considered one of the most authoritative resources. Especially suitable for producers with a mainstream focus or those who are on trend and interested in exploring modern aspects of hip hop.

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Soundclick offers users a free, no-obligation signup option, which gives them the time and freedom to let the platform work for the user. As a free user, you can upload unlimited tracks, batch download, sell singles and albums, licensed copies, and provide instant access to customers through the portal. An important note – the buyer can use all available services, but the site will charge a commission of 15% of each copy sold. Having a free account won’t let you customize the page layout and will also cause ads to appear on your profile, but it’s still one of the best free deals on the market.

The Sellfy service allows you to create and manage your own digital store. There are 3 pricing tiers: Starter ($19/month), Business ($39/month), and Premium ($89/month). Discounts are available if you choose annual plans instead of monthly plans. The levels are basically divided by how much you expect to earn. The seller can set their prices for the beats, the site will take 0% of sales in all packages. Sellfy isn’t just for musicians and producers. It is an e-commerce platform aimed at authors of all disciplines and fields. Like Spotify, they charge a monthly fee to sell your digital and physical products. Unlike some of the other resources noted here, Sellfy does not have its own buyer community. The promotion of materials falls on the seller – in order to attract an audience and potential buyers, it is the seller who needs to advertise and develop their own digital store.

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