Best Spotify Tips & Tricks

 Spotify has long and steadily won the hearts of streaming music lovers around the world. It officially works in almost 200 countries, is available in most languages ​​of the world, and a huge music media library makes it simply irreplaceable. But like almost any application, Spotify has its merits and demerits, its own secrets.

The inability to customize global hotkeys is one of the first drawbacks faced by Spotify users. Because of this, you cannot, for example, switch the song without distracting from the current case. Of course, this is provided that you do not have multimedia keys on your keyboard or are not used to using them. The problem is eliminated by installing the free utility Toastify. After installing Toastify, you need to look into the utility settings, go to the Hotkeys tab and configure the desired hotkeys. Some hotkeys are enabled by default. For example, switching tracks is possible using the Ctrl + Alt + right arrow key combination. Very comfortably.


Here you can also configure other popular actions: pause, adjust the volume, completely mute the music, etc. Another interesting option is the Toast window. This is a small window displaying the current composition, which appears in the lower right corner of the screen at the request of the user. The window will not be annoying, constantly appearing and distracting. It will only appear if you press a special key combination (Ctrl + Alt + Space by default. Potentially handy function that allows you to quickly see which track is playing now.

There are dozens of mini players for Spotify. And 95% of them do not work, as the developers of Spotify now and then somehow change the way the application works. The only tried-and-true, easy-to-install, and nifty mini-player option for Spotify to date is the lofi utility. Installation is simple – you just need to start it. exe file, and then hover the mouse cursor over the utility window and authorize via Spotify.

Spotify has a New Releases tab where you can see which albums and tracks have been released recently. Fortunately, there is a convenient way to watch the new releases of only your favorite artists. For this, there is the Tadi Tech service.

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You need to go in, log in with Spotify and click the New Releases button. You will immediately see a complete list of all new releases, sorted by month. Any album can be clicked to go to Spotify.

Every music lover wants Spotify’s exact recommendations. The service will do this based on your likes and favorite artists. You can automatically specify all the artists whose tracks you have ever liked. there is a special service for this. In Spotify, you need to alternately click the Select All Unfollowed Artists and Follow All Selected buttons.

The world’s most popular Swedish streaming service boasts many more little tricks unknown to most users that make communication with the user pleasant and convenient.

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