Best Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She began her musical career in 2006 and has since released numerous hit albums, received several prestigious awards including the Grammys, and has become one of the most successful musicians in the world.

Her songs usually have a personal touch and deal with love and relationships, as well as other themes that can be universal to many people.

Taylor Swift has grown from country singer-songwriter to pop star and is very popular with young people. We will publish some of the most famous songs based on the profile view and number of plays on Spotify.

  • “Empty Space” is a pop song released in November of the same year after being released as a single from the album “1989” released in October 2014. Although it did not win any awards, it was nominated in the main category at the 58th Grammy Awards in 2016. The MV, which won Best Pop Video and Best Female Video at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, is a magnificent piece of work set in an old castle. The highlight is the realistic performance of Taylor, which gradually turns into a bizarre appearance.
  • The song with the title meaning “August” was recorded as part of the 8th track of the 8th album “Folklore”, which was released on July 24, 2020. With lyrics that lament a love that ended one summer, this is a soft-sounding piece that sang the sad feelings of a woman who knows she’s a comfortable woman but is addicted to the stage. It is said that there are three songs on this album depicting a love triangle between teenagers and this song is considered one of them.
  • “Man” – This song is from the seventh album “Lover” released in August 2019, it was created on the theme of “If I were a man” and has a strong message that can be seen as a problem for today’s male-dominated society . In the clip, Taylor dressed as a man with special make-up, hinting that men are superior to women in any situation. In the final scene, former professional wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson is revealed to be the voice of Taylor disguised as a man, and the video is full of stunts.

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The title track of the album was included in the 7th album “Lover”, released in August 2019, which was previously released as a distribution single. It is a work with Jack Antonoff, who has contributed to her work as a producer in the past, and is a slow tempo song with her reverberated voice comforting echoes. In the fantastic world video, starring dancer and actor Christian Owens, Taylor demonstrates playing various instruments such as drums, guitar and violin.

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