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Beyonsе became the absolute winner at the Grammy

On March 14, 2021, a 63 Grammy Award ceremony was held in Los Angeles. The leader in the number of nominations this year was Beyonce, claiming as many as 9 awards. The popular singer won in 4 categories, which allowed her to set a record for the number of Grammy Аwards among women. She takes as many as 28 golden figurines home.

Previously, the championship belonged to country singer Alison Krauss, who received 27 awards, and conductor Georg Scholty won the most awards – 31.


On the eve of the ceremony, the Los Angeles Times reported that Beyonce refused to sing on stage. This was the third time in the history of the ceremony that an artist nominated for an award makes a similar decision. Beyonce itself did not give any official comments on this matter.

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The reasons for the decision of the megapopular singer are not known for certain. According to the media, such a decision could be caused by accusations against the organizers of the ceremony of corruption and opacity in nominating nominees. It should be noted that the whole ceremony took place against the background of accusations against the Recording Academy of corruption, bias against women and black artists, criticism of voting rules and neglect of many famous stars of the world music industry.

Music market experts suggest that next year, in principle, the nomination of nominees for the award will undergo dramatic changes. in particular, the process itself will become more open and accessible to the public. in relation to corruption charges, experts say, the organizers of the ceremony will have to make excuses for a long time.

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