Big Scarr - "The Secret Weapon"

Gucci Mane has assembled on his 1017 Records label a truly impressive line-up of talented street trap artists who live what they read about in their tracks. Unfortunately, this has come with certain consequences. Most of the signatories went to jail due to legal troubles, and Big Scarr died as a result of an accidental overdose of Percocet pills.

The rapper left behind a lot of posthumous material that will delight fans of heavy, dark music for a long time to come. The first full-length release was “The Secret Weapon”, completed by Scarr during his lifetime. It includes collaborations with GuWop, Key Glock, Pooh Shiesty, Enchanting, BandPlay and more.

“The Secret Weapon” is a true testament to Big Scarr’s talent and potential, and it’s a shame that we won’t get to see where his career could have gone. The album is a hard-hitting collection of trap anthems, with Scarr’s deep, menacing voice commanding attention on every track.

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The standout collaborations on the album include “SoIcyBoyz 3” with Gucci Mane and Pooh Shiesty, and “Ballin In LA” with Enchanting and BandPlay. The production is top-notch throughout, with beats that are both dark and catchy, providing the perfect backdrop for Big Scarr’s lyrics.

One of the most striking things about “The Secret Weapon” is how personal it feels. Despite the fact that it was released posthumously, the album is full of intimate details about Big Scarr’s life and experiences. On “SoIcyBoyz 3”, he talks about the ups and downs of his relationship with his baby mama, while on “Lil Boy Shyste” he reflects on his rise to fame and the people who doubted him along the way.

Overall, “The Secret Weapon” is a fitting tribute to Big Scarr’s legacy as an artist. It’s clear that he had a lot more to say, and it’s a tragedy that his life was cut short. However, fans can take comfort in the fact that we have this album as a reminder of his talent and his impact on the world of trap music.

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