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Billboard Apple Music Playlist

The rapidly evolving world of music streaming has brought the leaders of the music streaming race to the surface. If the Swedish streaming platform Spotify is confidently leading the market, then the American Apple Music is in second place with a claim to leadership in the near future.

Apple Music is famous not only for its high quality music content, but also for its huge music library, the number of songs in which is approaching 90 million. There are podcasts, audiobooks and more. Playlists stand out among the music library.

Apple Music has systematized playlists that will satisfy the most demanding taste of the most true music lover. Among the playlists of this music streaming service, there are own playlists compiled by music curators and advanced users. But there are also playlists imported from other online music sources.

In particular, we are talking about the Billboard Hot. The most popular tracks of the outgoing week in all musical genres are presented in this special playlist from Apple Music. How can a song be on this playlist? Ranked by number from radio broadcasts, physical and streaming sales data, and streaming data provided by online music sources.

Next comes the systematic analysis of the data provided. In particular, one of the main factors will be the number of listens to a particular track or musical composition on Apple Music during the week. The more plays, the higher the rating of the track and the artist, respectively.

Accounting for physical sales occurs only in the segment of official albums or tracks. For example, the sale of a CD or vinyl record will be recorded using a unique barcode, information about which will be transferred to the distributor.

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If we are talking about a fake, that is, an unofficial album or track, then such sales data, respectively, will not be taken into account.

Apple Music’s Billboard Hot playlist takes into account all the up-to-date ratings of artists and songs. Any subscribers of the service from a corporation from Cupertino will be able to get comprehensive information for themselves.

It should be noted that other world’s leading music streaming services have something similar. As a rule, these are playlists of top songs and musical compositions that were also popular during the current week.

As a rule, the data in the playlists of Apple Music and, for example, its direct competitor Spotify, in many ways simply coincide. And this is not surprising, because these ratings reflect the real state of affairs and the musical commitment of a wide audience.

The Billboard Hot playlist is only available to Apple Music subscribers. To enter the service, you will need to have an already registered account. If it is still not there, and you simply do not use this streaming music service, then you can view detailed information only if you register.

It should be said that Apple Music does not have a completely free version and can only provide a new subscriber with a three-month free trial period. If you do not like using Apple Music, then you can simply cancel the paid subscription and return the funds spent on it.

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