Billboard Charts will do calculations of streams on Facebook

Billboard Charts will consider flows of officially licensed music videos on Facebook by drawing up rating now.

It is supposed that these changes will come into force since March 27 of this year. The first display of retrospective information will be since March 12.

We will remind, Facebook began to place officially licensed music videos in the last month of summer of 2020.

Changes recognize video playback on Facebook as «the flows by requests supported by advertizing». Meanwhile the system will be able to keep track only of the number of viewings by users from the United States. At the same time the speech about accounting of content loaded by users does not go.

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The management of popular social network is sure that this change was «an important step». Facebook actually intends to create own platform which will allow users to find and load favourite pieces of music, to create own playlists and to share them with friends, to evaluate musical content, to load own music and so on.

Facebook decided to join a trend and to create an analog of music stream service on the platform. Well, considering a trend of mass transition of the musical industry to online, this decision not only timely, but also very effective.

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