Billie Eilish manicure completely repeats her suit on the Grammy

The American singer Billie Eilish in Instagram published on March 15 the picture in which the close up imprinted her manicure. The published photo less than per one day collected about 7 million likes. Feature of the manikyur of popilar actress is the design of nails in accuracy repeating a suit coloring from the Italian Gucci brand in which she attended an awards ceremony of Gramm Awards.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish it became known in 2016 after the publication of the debut single «Ocean Eyes» on SoundCloud resource. And in 2019 her album headed the American chart the Billboard 200 and the British charts. In 2020 the actress received the whole five awards of the musical Award Grammy. In 2021 the singer also became the winner of this most prestigious international award in music in two nominations.

By the way, the actress has a contract with a popular Italian brand of Gucci. Therefore not for nothing the singer appeared on a red carpet of the Grammy in a dress from Gucci.

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Today Billie Eilish heads popularity ratings on many musical stream services. Emergence and so rapid growth of popularity of a young star of music became surprise even for her producers.

Today the singer is busy with creation of the next studio album. Recently she had to cancel a world tour tour of which she dreamed long ago. About it the singer stated a big regret in social networks, having promised the admirers that they will surely meet at the first opportunity. By the way, money for tickets for Billie ‘s concerts which were acquired in advance will be completely returned to her admirers.

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