Billie Eilish photo broke the record in Instagram

Billey Eylish published in Instagram the photo with light hair color. The pop star broke the previous record set by Selena Gómez on her 26th birthday in 2018, having taken the selfie showing her new image which gained one million likes in six minutes.

Eylish not for the first time changes image, she already carried hair of dark blue and gray and ice colors. She called the post «Pinch me». The photo gained nearly 17 million likes only for the first day. According to administrators, this photo was included into ten the most popular on Instagram for all the time of his existence.

Billey Eylish

In February of this year there was an autobiographical movie by the singer under the name  «The World Is a Little Indistinc». Announcing it, Billie promised the fans to change image at once after a picture exit to screens. As we see, she kept the promise.

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The singer’s admirers last week reflected whether Eilish wore recently a wig because on the Grammy award ceremony in March 14 the actress wore the hats and headdresses closing the line of hair. It is unknown whether she wore a wig or just I didn’t cover svezheokrashenny hair.

We will remind, Billie Eilish became the winner of an award of the Grammy in the Record of Year nomination and it was awarded with the Gold record player of which all musicians of the world dream. There was it not for the first time, the singer already repeatedly received Grammy Аwards.

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