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Billie Eilish released a new music video

One of the most popular pop stars today remains Billie Eilish. It is not surprising that the first documentary about her – «A Slightly Blurred World» – comes out with such fanfare that it is a blockbuster. Interest was actively fueled by Billy herself, arranging on Instagram a countdown of the days before the release and posting teasers. And now the X-day has come – the picture is available both in movies and on the Apple TV + streaming service. And to mark this event, Billy released a new clip.

Its musical part is a concert performance of the song Ilomilo, used in the picture, and as a video sequence here appears a very slow-down shooting of the singer’s jumps. Billie Eilish just jumps in front of the camera, without any background, and this is shown in slow motion. It would seem just a joke. But the beauty is that such a deliberately minimalistic, ascetic decision characterizes the artist very well, in her 18 preserving teenage illegality, foolishness and at the same time being able to create a bright, memorable image.

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With her clip, Ailish shows that she still remains the same simple and foolish girl, so close to understanding her peers. And therefore such a popular among  peers and even among older people. She seems to say with every word and every movement that she is her own for them.

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