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Billie Eilish Review: The World Is a Little Blurred

This film is a documentary. He shows as honestly as possible all the aspects of the private life of a pop mega star. The most honest story about those aspects of the life of a popular person that are not usually exhibited, makes the work even more popular.

The group’s document or diary of the pop star tour says that they show fans a «real» version of the idol. We have access and interviews unprecedented earlier – perhaps even a tearful DMC night – but what movies like Jonas Brothers: Chasing Happy or Miss Americana Taylor Swift actually show is a carefully selected image, cleared of scandal and removed through a commercial lens. In the film «It’s a little slurred», Billie Eilish offers an alternative to the musical film «at arm’s length», plunging us deep into his teenage (and often difficult) brain.

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The intimate proposal of director R. J. Cutler, shot over three years, is a real story of growing family disputes, birthday parties and teenage breakups. Cutler has a form: in his series «American High School», which received an Emmy award, 14 students, millennials at a school in Illinois are told about the events. And although hyper-anxious, the generation Z online mentality is always very different.

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