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Billie Eilish: the coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on the new album

The simple, which was caused by the coronavirus pandemic, made it possible for Billie Eilish to return to the studio site again. The singer is currently working on new music. She announced that in March she plans to release a new album, which will be the second on her account, and it is planned to include as many as 16 singles.

The singer gave an interview to reporters, explaining to them that for the first time in four years of active and intense concert activity, she had the opportunity to relax and relax a little. But the active Billie Eilish could not just relax and therefore the creation of a new studio album appeared in her plans.

By the way, the cessation of active concert activity also has a negative side – the incomes of music industry figures have significantly decreased, which forced them to switch to popular music streaming services and receive income there, which, however, is much lower than from live performances to the public.

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The singer said that she was completely satisfied with the quality of the new album and was not going to stop at it.

By the way, as the next step, Eilish announced the release of a new documentary about herself, called «The world is a little blurred». This is an autobiographical video. The singer noted that the experience of shooting the documentary was «very aggressive, but at the same time very funny».

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