Billie Eilish won the trial

19-year-old megapopular singer Billie Eilish has been persecuted by 23-year-old John Hearle for a long time. A fan broke a microcamp near a school opposite her mansion in a suburb of Los Angeles, and also constantly tried to saddle a high fence in order to look into the windows of the performer’s house. Of course, this behavior could be called not only strange, but also threatening Billy’s safety.

In the lawsuit, Eilish stated that Hearle’s alleged intentions and real actions cause her «emotional trauma, including fear for my safety, fear for the safety of my family, and the loss of my sense of peace, tranquility and security in my home and personal space, as a result of which I constantly suffer from repeated persecution». The singer admitted that due to these persecution, she cannot make runs, leave the house with a sense of confidence in safety and generally feels constant discomfort.

The court took into account all the arguments of the singer, checked the evidence of persecution and issued a five-year ban on Hearl from approaching the singer’s house and herself. Violation of the court decision will face a short prison sentence and a large fine.

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Characteristically, a year ago, Eilish also became a defendant in the trial, winning the case against 24-year-old fan Prenell Rosso. This fan of the singer managed to illegally visit her mansion seven times. The court also issued a similar ban against him.

Eilish frankly spoke about the persecution by fans in an autobiographical film called «The World Is A Little Blurrу».

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