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Black Sabbath founder wants to record a new album

Bill Ward, who was the founder and simultaneously drummer of the rock band Black Sabbath, said he would very much like to record a new musical rock album with bandmates.

The drummer says that he has not yet finished with the creative legacy of the cult group. Ward left it back in 2012. The last full-length studio album of the rock band was released in 2013 and was called «No. 13».

Black Sabbath

The official reason for the drummer’s departure from the group was contract problems, although Ozzy Osbourne claims that Ward simply could not play physically.

Bill Ward expressed a desire to bring the group together and record a new studio album. He claims that he continues to live in the meantime, when Black Sabbath was at the peak of popularity and was very active in releasing music.

Bill claims that he has not yet talked about this with any of the original members of the group, but is sure that former colleagues will definitely support his idea.

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Back in 2019, Ozzy Osbourne admitted that he would like Black Sabbath to perform farewell tours with founding drummer Bill Ward. He expressed great regret that Bill could not take part in the band’s farewell tour.

However, it is likely that such statements by Bill Ward became a well-thought-out marketing move, which became the preparation of a multimillion-dollar audience of fans for the release of the new long-awaited album of the cult rock band.

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