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Blu DeTiger: mega-viral success on the TikTok

Today it is unlikely that anyone can be surprised that yesterday the performer, whom no one knew, becomes a world-wide star in literally one day.

The current pandemic has proved to be a turning point for the development and popularity of TikTok. In addition to all the exciting dance numbers, coffee-whipped guides and outrageous memes about the elections, the application quickly became a breeding ground for social networks for a new wave of pop icons that began to appear like mushrooms after rain.


For example, rapper Powfu collected more than 1 billion listenings through streaming services in almost a few days. This not only contributed to raising the level of its popularity, but also brought a good income.

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Blu DeTiger TikTok provided something more than mega-viral success: a platform for identifying her own personality. Just over one year has passed since the first download of her track on the streaming service, and now she is already considered a unique and wonderfully talented musician who has proved how universal her favorite guitar can be in skillful hands.

The choice of TikTok was no coincidence for the performer. Uploading a crushing passion for bass in every note to the popular streaming service, DeTiger created an actual, cool and vibrant project that will undoubtedly accelerate her dizzying rise to fame.

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