Brave Girls will perform the hit «Rollin»

South Korean band Brave Girls debuted in their original five-member lineup with the single «The Difference» in the spring of 2011. Brave Girls decided to return to active creative work with their hit «Rollin», written and released in 2017. In early March, this hit went viral on YouTube, gaining a huge number of views of fans of the group. But earlier in the musical career of performers there was a forced break lasting almost three years.

The composition became so popular that it entered the top ten most rated on many music streaming services. Earlier this month, «Rollin» brought Brave Girls the top position on the rating list and became the number one song in their career on the South Korean streaming music service Bugs. Of course, such a successful decision required further development.

Therefore, the group again began active creative activity. From next week, members of the group will become frequent guests of radio shows and popular entertainment television programs, as well as perform several live concerts.

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In response to requests from Brave Girls fans, they are currently preparing to perform on music shows, and their preparation is in full swing.

The success of Brave Girls confirms the already established truth regarding the dominance of South Korean groups in the Asian music market. They became another achievement of the South Korean music industry, which became popular far beyond the borders of South Korea.

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