Britney Spears pleased admirers with new videos

Private life of Britney Spears was always of particular interest from the public. But recently many really began to worry about her.

The pop princess puzzled again 28 million subscribers when uploaded in Instagram new video with answers to the questions which are allegedly set by her admirers. She admitted the short video that the car of her dream – Bentley that she really once fell on the stage that her favourite suit on Hellouin – the fairy and that she kissed the girl, meaning a kiss with Madonna on a MTV Video Music Awards award in 2003. Britney answered a set of questions which directly didn’t concern those moments of her biography which are most hotly discussed in communities today.

 Britney Spears

But this video only to some extent upset admirers. They began to fill up a star with questions of when it at last sheds light on the guardianship and problems with him and also will really answer that they write it in comments. Many of admirers claim that it is not so their questions, they are sure that none of them asked the singer, what favourite suit at her for Halloween.

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I surprised also a dress of the actress, she appeared before the fans in completely transparent blouse which was decorated by only white lace. From under this dress her underwear distinctly was visible.

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