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Britney Spears's father decided to end custody

From 2008 to the present, Jamie Spears was in the status of legal guardian of daughter. However, recent events have forced the father of the star to say goodbye to guardianship.

Since the beginning of the year, Britney Spears has had many problems with father Jamie, who became her guardian back in 2008. Whether it is legal or family disputes, father and daughter will not stop talking in court.

Spears received media coverage again last week, accusing her father of abusing her grandchildren. After this incident, he filed a document in a Los Angeles court in which he explicitly expressed desire to «temporarily relinquish power for reasons of personal health».

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After hearing the case, the court eventually decided to grant his petition and terminate the guardianship of his own daughter for Jamie Spears. The court temporarily approached Jodie Montgomery as a new trustee. Thus, Judy Montgomery today has the same rights as James, which means constant control over the work of Britney Spears and her role as permanent co-ruler of his inheritance. Montgomery will have the right to contact Britney Spears medical staff and other healthcare professionals and obtain all documents related to the treatment, diagnosis, and medical examinations of Britney Spears. Montgomery will have access to all materials related to Britney Spears’ treatment, diagnosis, and psychological tests. Nothing in Britney’s life will change.

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