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BROCKHAMPTON teased with a new teaser

BROCKHAMPTON released a new intriguing teaser, which suggests that the Texas band will soon have a new single.

The band’s last album was «Ginger», released in 2019. During the restriction of concert activity in 2020 related to the pandemic, the musicians recorded as many as eight new tracks behind closed doors.

On March 11, the group uploaded a fresh 46-second teaser on Instagram called «Meet The Roadrunners», which seems to be part of a new rap track. Fans of the group froze in anticipation.

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The video used elements of fiction. The guys first gather near an ordinary provincial store, and then something happens that resembles teleportation with the help of some incomprehensible device. The Tizer breaks down on this, and the audience opens up a huge field for fantasy and continuation of the video. One of the members of the group confirmed that with the release of a new video, the group will begin a new stage in musical career.

Romil Hemnani from the group said that BROCKHAMPTON are actively working on an album with the initials «RR». What they mean, he did not explain, hinting that fans of the group will be able to decipher this abbreviation quite quickly. Quite possibly, but for the vast majority of music lovers, it still remains a mystery.

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