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Bruce Springsteen fined $540

A rock icon had to pay a fine of $540 for drinking alcohol in a park in New Jersey, USA.

The singer ended up in an American court for two glasses of tequila. He was arrested by police on November 14 in a New Jersey park, where he drank carefree alcohol. Recall that in the United States of America it is forbidden to publicly drink alcohol in public places. New Jersey Park, no doubt, refers to them.

Court hearings were held remotely. When sentencing, the judge ordered the musician to pay $500 for drinking alcohol in a public place. To the amount of the fine were added 40 dollars for court expenses. The judge asked Springsteen about when and how he would be able to pay the imposed fine, having previously talked about the right to appeal. The lawyer of the 71-year-old rocker said he was «satisfied» with such a sentence.

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Recall that the rock star over many years of creative career managed to release exactly 20 music albums and became one of the most popular musicians in the United States of America.

A few years earlier, Bruce Springsteen had already been brought to administrative responsibility for drinking alcohol, albeit unsuccessfully for justice. Then the police arrested him for driving a bike while drunk. But the court verdict was acquittal, since the prosecution did not have enough evidence.

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