Bruno Mars accused of misappropriating someone else's music

The musician, who is of Filipino, Puerto Rican and Ashkenazi Jewish descent, is accused of misappropriating black music. And these cases, according to critics of the musician, were multiple.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars reacted to the accusations during a performance on the New York radio show The Breakfast Club. According to him, it was the refutation of the charges against him that led him to the popular show. Bruno does not particularly hide the fact that some of his singles really were based on well-known African-American motives. But pepper says that, on the contrary, this is a great benefit named. They say that there is a sense in music that they will not want to copy, and they will not grow up on it and will not want to learn new generations of musicians. The musician grew up on black motifs and songs, so it is possible that some of them simply automatically formed the basis of his songs.

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Mars recently founded the new band Silk Sonic with Anderson Paak, releasing debut single «Leave The Door Open» last week. This project was a new event in the singer’s musical career after almost five years of stagnation in the release of new singles. Recall that the last studio work of the singer dates back to 2016.

No one made specific accusations of using someone else’s cultural heritage and violating the copyright of Mars. Therefore, the famous singer does not look at this situation very seriously. He is sure that attempts to prove his guilt are monkey business.

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