BTS confirmed that it will continue to cooperate with UNICEF

The Group decided to allocate $1 million in financial assistance to UNICEF. The South Korean Group reaffirmed commitment to the principles of UNICEF and guaranteed that, if possible, it would always support the organization financially and morally.

On March 5, a video of the group was released in which she announced the continuation of the partnership with UNICEF. The popular label Big Hit Entertainment, with which South Korean artists have long and fruitfully collaborated, also promised to provide charity assistance for UNICEF in the amount of one million dollars. Also, the profit from the sale of advertising time on the company’s videos will go to the needs of the social movement.

BTS began cooperation with UNICEF back in 2017. From that moment, the South Korean group raised about 2.8 million US dollars in total, excluding the announced charitable assistance of a million dollars.

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In the video dedicated to the 2018 hit «Answer: Love Yourself», scenes of bullying are cyclically reproduced to emphasize the problems of violence that students face at school. The problems of school bullying, raised in the work of South Korean performers, found a heated response in the hearts of their fans, since this problem is relevant almost all over the world.

In early March, the Recording Academy confirmed that BTS intends to perform at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

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