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BTS participates in the charity event

Musicians from the popular South Korean group BTS participate in the Grammy charity event «Music On A Mission».

Last November, BTS finally received its first GRAMMY nomination. They added the single «Dynamite» to the group’s best performances at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards Ceremony. The ceremony will take place in March this year despite the restrictions associated with the Coroovirus pandemic.

GRAMMY Week, which they also wanted to participate in, includes several days of high-profile events and is essentially the preamble to the award ceremony for the main artist.

One of these actions will be a large gala concert organized by the charity department of the Recording Academy. This concert is supported and is intended to support those artists and personalities of the music industry who have suffered the most from the pandemic.

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Interestingly, the gala concert is to take place virtually. It will combine the achievements of the teachers of the old school and the new achievements of the greatest stars of the present, including BTS.

The concert is attended by dozens of world stars from almost all major music sectors from different countries around the world.

The 63rd GRAMMY Awards Ceremony will take place on 14 March 2021. All ticket sales fees go into efforts to help members of the music community affected by COVID-19.

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