Cali Red Sun Cult presents the premiere of the song

Cali Red Sun Cult presents the premiere of the song, reflecting the discomfort caused by the music industry by the world pandemic and its associated restrictions and prohibitions.

«Sad Show» tells about a character who, tired of the banal situation in the music industry and realizing his inability to participate in it, decides to sing for a complete stranger.

The style of Red Sun Cult is classic rock and roll, and this song cannot be done without it. But unlike the band’s previous tracks, this piece of music was recorded with two drums in order to add more power and bass to the track. Two drummers created a unique effect of the depth of emotions.

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Tired of constant prohibitions and the opportunity to perform at his favorite concerts, the musician decides to sing to an ordinary passerby with whom fate accidentally brought him down. Indeed, for a musician, the opportunity to perform songs and please people with them is a vocation and meaning of life, which are gradually lost in the difficult conditions of constant restrictions associated with the world pandemic of coronavirus. For artists, a live performance is always catharsis. This is the main reason they do this, because the feeling that you are playing on stage in front of other people is difficult to convey.

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