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Can a DJ play music legally?

DJs are faced with legal questions every day. Some of these include whether or not they can play songs in public, if they have to pay royalties on songs that are played at private events, and how much insurance is required for the event. The answer to all of these questions may be different depending on where you live. For example, DJs playing in some places in teh world need a $10 million liability policy. Ouch!

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Many people who have a job as a DJ might wonder if they are legally allowed to play music. Some might be playing on their own equipment at a club or private party, while others may have been hired by an establishment to do so. The answer is yes, it is legal for DJs to play music. The legality of the DJ’s situation depends on what type of event he/she is performing at and whether they’re using the venue’s sound system or their own gear in some cases.

Need a quick answer? Normally, the organisation that hires the DJ is responsible for the copyrights of the songs they use. But it’s always better to double-check. 

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