Can Alexa play a playlist from Apple Music?

One of the features that Apple Music users can use is the iCloud music library. Simply put, this is a feature that allows you to download your own CD sound source, download your purchased lossless sound source, and a high-resolution sound source to make it look like your own Apple Music. Downloading the sound source is converted to another format that Apple uses, you can also create your own playlist. You can also create playlists that have tracks from Apple Music. If any of the downloaded tracks are distributed by this service, they will be automatically integrated into Apple Music.

 Сan Alexa play a playlist from Apple Music

Apple Music can now be played on Amazon devices supporting Alexa (Echo series, Fire TV). Of course, it is possible not only to play, but also to select and adjust the voice and adjust the volume. This feature is extremely convenient and allows you to work comfortably with the application.

First of all, to listen to playlists from Apple Music on Echo or Fire TV, you will certainly need a valid Apple Music account. Apple Music has a free period of 3 months for new subscribers. During this period, you can check the compatibility with Alexa and decide whether to continue the contract after that.

Then, of course, buy an Amazon Echo or Fire TV Stick and log in with your Amazon ID. To log into your Echo device, you need to manage it from a smartphone app or website, but it’s pretty easy.

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Once your account and device are ready, the configuration will be complete. Open Apple Music in Alexa on your iPhone, or go to «Settings» in the menu and select Apple Music in «Link New Services» in the Music section to activate the skill. You will need your Apple Music ID and password (Apple ID and password), this is a two-step user verification.

If you set Apple Music as the default streaming music service in Alexa, you can simply specify «Alexa, turn on music» Play will begin. You can also specify which playlist you want to listen to. And the application will immediately turn it on.

The application can at your request increase or decrease the playback volume, call the track to be played at your request, play the playlist in random order.

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