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Can Apple Music app be hacked?

Unfortunately, no one platform has impenetrable protection from hacking. And even users of a large and trustworthy corporation like Apple sometimes suffer from hacker attacks.

Can Apple Music app be hacked?

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Why these people would hack into someone else’s account, is incomprehensible to normal customers. Nobody knows who they are. Maybe, it is such a form of fun for former Apple employees who decided to create trouble for this giant corporation. Users of the world-famous music streaming service Apple Music also complain about hacks and the question “Can Apple Music app be hacked?” is possible to meet on various forums. So, here we will tell you about suspicious activity that indicates that your Apple Music account has been illegally used by someone else.

The main and most common sign that your account is used by someone else is an e-mail with the information that your account has been accessed from another device. If you haven’t done this recently, you may have been hacked. This is actually the most frequent sign. But as well you may have entered your account on your granny’s phone some time ago and now she’s gotten to Apple Music and decided to dive into the world of contemporary music. Jokes are jokes, but perhaps you really did share an account with your family members.

The next sign – you receive an email with even more embarrassing content – your password has been changed or the information in your account has been changed.

There may also be the following features:

  • you cannot access your account because it is suddenly been blocked;
  • you find messages you didn’t send, playlists you didn’t create, artists you didn’t subscribe to;
  •  your app usage history doesn’t match the actions you performed, or even you discover that something in your profile has disappeared (deleted);
  • you receive a suspicious phone call or message, both to your phone and email;
  • you find accounts of transactions that you definitely never made.

If at least one item fits your situation then, probably, your Apple Music account has been hacked. If this happens, the first thing you need to do is to change your password immediately and contact Customer Service.

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