Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Artists?

Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving and changing the picture of the world every day. This creation of the human mind in many areas of life and activity is already fully replacing the person himself.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly replacing many professions. For example, technology could replace thousands of truck drivers in the next twenty years. The same goes for many other professions. Therefore, it is not surprising that even one of the oldest human activities will be revolutionized by new and increasingly sophisticated algorithms. We are certainly talking about art, a creative activity that, more than any other, depends on the human individuality.

An amazing study was recently published that shows how the average viewer, in front of works of art created by his fellows, and works created by an algorithm, does not find much difference and has great difficulty in understanding whether the hand of a real artist or a computer mouse is behind the picture.

We might ask ourselves: if art loses its humanity, then who can give art to humanity? If the artist behind the piece of art disappears, it’s not exactly the same as a truck driver who disappears while driving, although it will lead to the closure of many restaurants that have based their success on the fact that truck drivers ate there.

Artificial Intelligence

The power of art has always been to create an exclusive and unique relationship between those who look at it and those who create it. Two people in comparison. If one of the two people fails, even the nature of the relationship is in danger of entering a crisis. Unless you also fancy an artificial listener and music lover.

Artificial intelligence can create songs from scratch, based solely on our instructions. But what could be the future implications of this technology?

There are programs that can compose music from scratch. There are even some that allow you to select the parameters of the song we would like to listen to (such as mood, genre or reference artist) and automatically generate a song tailored for us.

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Music lovers get a little sick when they hear the word “artificial music” because they believe that nothing can ever replace the human creative spirit. In their opinion, in order to compose real music, you need something that science cannot give or cannot yet explain.

AI applied to music is a technology that has taken its first steps in recent years, but in the future it may become more and more present in our lives.

For this reason, one of the main purposes for which it is used is as a source of inspiration: tens of millions of songs have been created to date, and it can not be so easy to always have new ideas.

Help can come from technology: since artificial intelligence is able to create songs that reflect our needs, it is essentially an unlimited source of ideas, which can then be taken, reworked and modified at will.

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