Can Artists Be Replaced By AI?

In the next three years, artificial intelligence will learn to generate music that will be almost indistinguishable from what people create. However, artificial intelligence is unlikely to be able to supplant composers and performers: its product is secondary and cannot give listeners the same emotions that real hits evoke. To understand whether the music of neural networks has a future, you need to answer the question of what the creative process is.

If this is a compilation, then artificial intelligence has a future in the medium term. Then it is only a matter of technology and the amount of power involved in information processing. If the creative process is something more, something intimate, then there will be no breakthrough in the near future. That is what music industry experts believe.

Already today, artificial intelligence is taking away jobs from office workers. Many companies are implementing automated systems to replace jobs with a computer program. But we are only at the very beginning of the journey. However, many musicians do not believe that computer intelligence can create something as intimate and beautiful as music.

But despite several successful attempts that still pile on the shoulders of a person, the ability of artificial intelligence to come up with songs is rather disappointing. Yes, computer programs are not good enough – at least not now – to create a catchy tune. The most serious fear of most musicians is that computer programs will generate an infinite number of the same music, written according to a single formula.

Today, artificial intelligence simply copies already created music samples, adding computer weirdness. Perhaps in the future he will be able to overcome the imperfection of software and weak computers, but we are not sure that we will like the result. Although there is a chance that the program will fall into the hands of talented artists and musicians, and not greedy producers, and then we will have the birth of a new art. But even today, musicians create too many new songs that you don’t always have time to listen to. We think about it every time we sort through our endless playlist. And the creation of artificial intelligence will lead to the fact that there will be many times more music. And there is always a risk that real artists will get lost in an avalanche of artificial content.

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A separate topic is the regulation of copyright for works created by neural networks. The neural network is not capable of intellectual activity. Cannot create copyright objects. The Creator can only be a natural person, only a person. And therein lies the legal conflict.

At the same time, artificial intelligence is already able to assess the emotions that music causes in listeners and explain why this happens. Artificial intelligence is able to find those patterns that a person would not pay attention to.

Humans are different from computers in that we have a fantasy, a unique emotion that a pianist or composer experiences when he creates a piece. Moreover, not a single neural network is capable of high-level abstraction, this function is available only to the human brain, here the computer and technology are secondary. Only a person can formulate a symbolic representation, a representation, an explicit theory of the world and share it with others.

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