Modern technologies that are used in the music industry make the lives of millions of music fans much better and interesting. One of the great solutions that has turned the world of music upside down are streaming services. They are incredibly convenient and can be tailored to every user. For just a few dollars it is possible to get access to your favorite tracks and enjoy them at any time even without the Internet connection.

Can Chromecast play audio through Bluetooth?

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Every year streaming platforms’ developers introduce more and more useful and convenient features added to their applications. One of them is the ability to stream music compositions to the big screen of your TV using the Chromecast service. This technology allows seamless synchronization of two completely different devices. Such a system works with the special protocols support, which is the intellectual property of Google Corporation. They allow devices to communicate “through the air”.

Of course, many users are interested in this function and they wonder: can Chromecast play audio via Bluetooth? Even though Chromecast works by a slightly different procedure, you still can connect it to the speakers via Bluetooth, for example. This feature is available only for recent versions of Chromecast (from 2019).

To perform the settings and to be able to stream music through your speakers, follow these steps:

  1. Connect Chromecast to your device and go to the Bluetooth settings section.
  2. Put the speaker in connection mode.
  3. On your device, select the name of the speaker and connect to it.
  4. It’s done!

In fact, not many people know about such Chromecast functions. There is almost no information about it in the manual. However, despite this, inventive and smart people have come up with this Bluetooth method of connection.

It is worth reminding that not all streaming platforms can work with Chromecast. That’s why it’s worth keeping in mind that if your platform is not on the list of compatible services, nothing will work.

Try it free

If you really want to try this solution, don’t despair. With the special program Musconv,  it is possible to transfer your music library to one of the appropriate services. In this way, you will be able to play your favorite tracks with Chromecast.

To make it work, follow the instructions for transferring content, which you can find on the Musconv website. The application is ready to do the transfer for you in a matter of moments!