Can Deezer Be Used In India?

French music streaming service Deezer was born in 2007 in France. Its head office is still located today in the Ninth Quarter of Paris. Over the years of its work, the streaming platform has gained the trust of users around the world. Today, the application is used on almost all continents in 185 countries. But the largest share of active monthly users of Deezer, according to the statistics of the service, is noted in most countries of Europe and North America.

In its home country of France, Deezer is the leader of the national music streaming market. And this is not only a tribute to the patriotism of the French, but also a tribute to the high quality of the services that this music streaming platform provides. But, like many of its peers in the market, this platform has problems, in particular, in geographic coverage.

Unfortunately, this music streaming platform has not been able to reach the markets of China and India, representing potentially a third of all users in the world. And in India, which is traditionally considered a country with a high musical culture, unfortunately, Deezer does not work.

Can Deezer Be Used In India

There are several reasons for this. The first reason is the very strict policy of the Indian authorities regarding all Western applications, in particular, video services and music streaming services. For some reason, the country’s authorities believe that these platforms can pose a danger to the national mentality of the Indians and the national security of the country as a whole. It is difficult to say exactly what considerations the Indian authorities are guided by, but officially Deezer does not work in a country with the second largest population in the world.

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The second reason is the high competition in the Indian music market. Popular local, regional and national music streaming services operate in this country. Unfortunately, it cannot be said that they are up to global standards, but in relatively unpretentious India they are quite popular and in demand. An important factor in this case is the low price of a subscription or even a permanent free version, which many regional music streaming services have.

You can use Deezer in India, of course. But for this you will need to use a VPN and thus hide your real location. Although, whether this method can be considered completely legal remains a question.

Are there any prospects for French streaming service Deezer to enter the Indian market? It is likely that this will happen in the near future. But in order to capture its share of the Indian music market, the streaming service will need to significantly reduce the cost of a subscription for users from a country where the average Indian often lives on one dollar a day. For example, the leader of the global music industry, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify, did this, a premium subscription to which in India costs almost ten times less than in the United States. So far, Deezer doesn’t have the same financial flexibility.

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