Can Deezer play local files?

The French music streaming service Deezer is becoming more popular every year. Many artists, songwriters and music authors upload music tracks to the service, which are also called local files.

In general, it is convenient to use Deezer, the service works perfectly on different smartphones and computers, and problems with its reproduction are very rare. The only thing worth noting is that only three devices can be connected to the account at a time. For example, it can be a smartphone, tablet and computer. But there is no limit on the number of devices that can be added and removed to  account. And this is important because listening to local files becomes very accessible.

Deezer only supports mp3 files, and users must first upload them to profile and then download them to device.

Both on the computer and on the smartphone in Deezer you can go to the page of any artist, see his popular tracks, discography, similar artists, playlists with his songs and even read a biography.

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Your own music can also be used as earnings, because the streaming service pays royalties to those who place compositions on it. Any performer will face variability in income on Deezer, as on any other streaming music service. The level of income will depend on who and, what is important, where exactly listens to these compositions.

But you can download and listen to local files only when issuing a paid premium subscription to the service. In the free version, download your own music and listen to it will not work. When you sign up for a paid subscription during the first month, you can use a free trial of the popular service.

The ability to listen to local files from Deezer is not exclusive. Most other music streaming services have similar features.

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