Can Google play my music?

If you think that Google Mail and Google Docs are no doubt the best in their field and so it logically follows that Google Play Music should also be kickass, you’re absolutely right. 

One small catch though: Google Play Music underwent the process of being shut down starting in September 2020. 

Good news, however, is that now there is a new system that previous Google Play Music users transferred their tracks to: Was that a good thing? 

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Youtube Music is a new music streaming service that has been introduced by Youtube. It features a large library of songs and albums, which can be streamed for free without ads. 

If you’re new, Google Play Music is also an online music streaming service with an impressive catalog of songs and quite some sentimental value attached to it. So the question remains: Is Youtube Music better than Google Play Music? 

Youtube Music has a number of advantages over Google Play Music. For example, one advantage is that there are many more music channels available through Youtube than with Google Play Music, giving users access to an even wider variety of genres and artists. You can find out more by going here or checking out more helpful guides on Musconv. We’re here if you need us! 

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