Can I Create The Perfect Playlist On Spotify?

Because there is music streaming, we have all the music we want. But this must be organized, because otherwise you can simply drown in this musical chaos and be forever disappointed in music streaming and the services broadcasting it.

Recall that the Swedish music streaming service Spotify is today the undisputed market leader in the world of music. In addition to a huge support of 400 million users worldwide, the Swedish music giant has almost 45% of the global music market share. So, how do you make a good or even perfect playlist on Spotify?

Spotify playlists are potentially endless – you can create one for every mood, one for every season, or one for every friend you know.

The Swedish app has developed a range of tools to help you reorganize your lists, clear them of songs you no longer listen to, and make them more attractive to those who want to follow you.

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So here are five tips for creating a good playlist on the Swedish music streaming service:

1. Divide playlists into folders. Having too many compilations can be a problem, especially if you’re looking for a compilation whose name you can’t remember. Dividing them into several folders, different by genre, year, artist, or link location, can help you get a clearer picture of the situation. Just click “File”, “New Folder” and drag your playlists into it.

2. Rediscover your favorite songs with Discover Weekly. Every Monday, Spotify creates an album tailored just for you based on your musical tastes and the songs you’ve been listening to lately. A way to mix new songs with tracks you’ve heard on the radio or in the past that you already like.

3. Use Release Radar. The last feature introduced by the Swedes is very similar, but only applies to new items that have just been added to the catalog. In the playlist you will find a collection of the best songs released this week that suit your musical tastes. To test it, simply enter the New Releases section, which you can find under the Discover menu. This information is constantly updated, so do not be afraid that you will fall behind the musical fashion, which, by the way, is largely set by Spotify.

4. Import search results from Shazam. In the Shazam app, your profile keeps track of all the searches you’ve done at different times in your life: by opening settings and clicking “connect to Spotify”, you can get a collection of songs that will remind you of something else or less important moments of the past.

5. Import iTunes playlists. To go back to the days of the iPod, just click File, import a playlist, and select iTunes so that all the albums you create on your Apple media player are right there in the music streaming app. It is possible that this advice will be relevant to you.

So, with these tips, you can fully enjoy the fruits of your creative work on the Swedish music streaming service. You can make your playlists public, which everyone can see and listen to, or private, which only you can listen to.

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