Can I DJ from my Iphone?

Become a DJ with only Iphone in your hand – is it possible? Many will begin to doubt, and in vain. Becoming a beginner DJ with a popular gadget from Apple is real. To do this, you need to use any of the applications for DJ, which today in many are presented on the Internet. The application must be multifunctional.

The most important features of any Iphone DJ app are:

  • use songs from your music library and music streaming services;
  • song filtering using BPM, music type and keywords;
  • automatic mixing of songs using artificial intelligence;
  • integration with the most popular MIDI controllers;
  • integration with Apple Watch, which adds basic application management capabilities;
  • support of iOS functions: Airplay, iCloud synchronization, etc.

As an example, let’s take a look at creating a song on an Iphone using the popular Music Memos music creation app.

DJ from my Iphone

Music Memos is an application that allows you to easily save and systematize your ideas for songs. It allows you to record singing or playing the guitar, piano or any other instrument. The record is stored in high quality in an uncompressed audio file. After that, you can name, mark and evaluate your idea, which will simplify its search in the right musical work.

So the application has the following functions:

  • easy and fast recording of your musical ideas;
  • the ability to immediately listen to the recorded fragment of the song with the addition of percussion and bass;
  • the ability to trim the recording so that only the correct fragment remains;
  • adding a title and tags to the recorded song, making it easier to find them in the future;
  • rate your idea to make it easier to find the most promising music options.

Submit any recording to GarageBand, where you can add additional instruments to it and start creating a song from it. You can also sync recorded songs via iCloud between all your devices. iOS Finally, there is a guitar tuning tool in the app.

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This is just an example of one Iphone DJ application. Almost any similar application can boast of such functions.

First, it is advisable to study all the offers that are on the market today. Next, you should familiarize yourself with the full functionality of each of them. And then decide on the use of a particular platform, based on their requests. After all, not everyone will create music based on playing the piano or guitar. Some use mixes of already ready-made and popular songs or melodies.

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