Can I DJ With Just A Laptop?

In modern conditions, becoming a DJ has become much easier than a few years ago. And the reason is not only that a lot of modern equipment for DJing has appeared, but also that specialized programs have appeared. With the help of which a set of equipment can be significantly reduced, as well as reduce the cost of entering the DJ profession.

Here we will focus on DJing on a laptop. Laptops are one of the most portable DJ devices, the only way to DJ for less money is DJing on tablets or smartphones, which is really possible, but in general, DJing on a laptop offers the best compromise between size, weight and ease of use. And flexibility.

Laptops are the powerhouse of digital installations. You can use your laptop to power your DVS setup, to mix with controllers or CDJs, and to copy tunes to and from a USB drive for live performances. Laptops can also be used for DJing.

Also, many of us already have laptops, so adding some DJ software is a very easy and cheap way to start playing with it. DJing on a laptop is an economical way to get into the world of music as a DJ and start practicing, but you can actually run amazing sets using just a laptop.

There are times when you just want to get the job done without having to carry equipment around and set everything up. Plus, DJing on a laptop is a great practice to experiment with transitions between mixes, not to mention great for house parties.

Serato DJ Lite is completely free and in many ways similar to Serato DJ Pro in many ways, especially for DJing on a laptop. This software is considered the industry standard in DJing. However, even a modern powerful laptop is unlikely to completely replace a good professional controller.

Virtual DJ was the original DJ software for laptops. It has been around for years and is still fighting the big boys.

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Currently, Virtual DJ has partially moved to its latest versions, which have not changed for some time. One of them is Virtual DJ Home, which is free for home use. You really don’t compromise with the full version, and there won’t be much reason for a laptop DJ to upgrade to Pro.

The Virtual DJ workflow has long been adapted for PC users without hardware. Everything is accessible and easy to find, including all the basics like the mixer and library, plus advanced features ranging from loop control to effects. Virtual DJ also has some fancy features, for example, you can download up to 99 Dec. This allows you to listen to a huge set and scroll through tracks without even switching platforms.

Virtual DJ also has built-in video DJ software, again improving its use for solo DJs. All in all, Virtual DJ has been polished to be the leading laptop mixing software for those who are not dependent on hardware. It is ideal for those who need to run long series of events and functions.

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