Can I Do Karaoke On My Laptop?

For those who want to feel like a real singer or entertain friends with an exciting contest, a home karaoke is a great option. You don’t need expensive hardware or software, just a laptop with a microphone and speakers.

Since professional microphones and karaoke equipment are quite expensive, you can use improvised means. All you need is a laptop with speakers and a microphone.

We have a laptop, speakers and a microphone. Usually, relatively simple models are sold both in specialized music stores and in computer ones. Moreover, it is easier to find a simple model in computers, since professional musicians and presenters often need expensive specialized devices.

Adjust the volume. Open the desired program and select a title. The lyrics of the song are displayed on the laptop screen. There are sites on the Internet that offer online karaoke. Nothing complicated: choose your favorite song, sing. Give joy and pleasure to yourself and your loved ones.

In order to sing your favorite hits, it is not necessary to go to a karaoke bar. There are computer programs that run the soundtrack in sync with the lyrics of the song. However, two nuances remain: which microphone to choose and how to connect a microphone to a karaoke laptop.

Recording your singing is only possible if the sound card records and plays the sound at the same time. An audio editor is required. For recording, it is better to use a wired microphone, the radio microphone has an increased background. Recently, wireless microphone sets have gained popularity. At a modest price, such devices allow you to sing a duet and lead festivities together. As a rule, the base of such a kit contains a set of built-in effects, and the volume of each input is regulated on it separately. With it, you can set up a truly impressive sound, and the absence of wires will allow singers to move freely. However, to connect the base, you still need a cable (as a rule, it comes in a kit), plus an additional socket.

Of course, going on an impromptu stage holding a whole laptop in your hands is not stellar. However, sometimes, when not up to visual effects, it helps out. The main thing is that the built-in microphone works.

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Recently, specialized microphones with a built-in speaker began to appear on the market. They connect to a computer via Bluetooth. On the computer, you just need to run the karaoke file with the instrumental and lyrics. The device itself will receive the sound of the voice, and receive a signal from the computer, and mix the voice with vocals inside its case. Since you don’t have to send audio to the speaker, your vocals won’t be lagged (which happens with more complex Bluetooth connections). In this case, you do not need to connect the microphone to the computer at all, since the sound output is done within the device itself.

The same applies to standalone Bluetooth speakers and wired or wireless microphones. You need to connect them not to a computer, but to an audio system.

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