Can I download and keep the music from Amazon Prime?

Looking for more information on getting the best possible music experience with one of the best companies out there? Amazon Prime is one of the most formidable services around, offering tons of all sorts of different types of services, including music, cloud storage, books, games and so on. 

You may know Amazon for amazingly fast deliveries, Kindle, streaming movie services and HBO. No wonder users are so fond of it, especially considering a yearly subscription is cheaper than Spotify who offers significantly fewer services. 

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So can you download music and keep the music from Amazon Prime? Yes and no (that is yes with a few limitations). Streaming music services don’t let you keep music, strictly speaking, but rather rent it to you. This is more or less the same as far as you are concerned, but you may be in for a surprise when you cancel your subscription or don’t go online for a month and your music is gone. So if you want to buy music, you have to pay for an album. 

Nevertheless, you can download and keep music using Amazon Prime using the Amazon Music app but you can’t legally transport it to other systems. But you can use it on up to four devices when you’re offline after you downloaded it. 

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