Can I download songs from Spotify?

According to over 280 000 000 fans, there’s hardly anything better than Spotify. The world’s first and most powerful streaming service offers audiobooks, music, and podcasts completely free as part of one of its plans. Yet others allow you to share it with up to 5 members of the family and loved ones, create special playlists for kids, parental controls, and so on. There’s so much there at Spotify that by the time you’ll be done exploring one of its wonderful sections there will highly likely be more opportunities already introduced in the next! Spotify with its over 5 000 000 tracks is universally loved by people all over the globe. 

One of the remarkable features it introduces for a price as low as a box of chocolates is its outstanding Premium memberships plans. If you’re using the free version, you will have probably noticed the Download button that becomes available only in premium mode. 

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Once you upgrade to premium for only $10, you can download tracks (as well as upload them, which I also available in Free Mode) to your heart’s content. What’s not to love? Spotify is and has been the world’s most popular service for a reason. It’s also the first music streaming service around which has been invented specifically to battle piracy, so you can rest assured you’re doing the right thing and artists and content producers are being compensated every time tracks are being listened to across the world. With 280 000 000 clients constantly listening to music, that is not bad compensation on the other end, wouldn’t you agree? 

MusConv is always here for you if you need to download music, transfer your tracks to and from Spotify, or read up on what’s happening in the wonderful world of music. See you soon.

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