Can I Earn From Sound Design And Music Video Blogging?

The question of making money from sound design cannot be answered unambiguously. It all depends on the number of files, to whom and how you sell sounds. For example, the recommended price for a single sound on a certain platform is $3, and for a musical composition it is already $35, but you can set your own price. At the same time, well-known sound designers can earn several thousand dollars per track or effects package.

Here are some online libraries where you can host your own sounds, effects, or entire compositions:



•Music Vine

• Music bed

• Artlist

• Marmoset

• Premium Beat.

This list is far from exhaustive, but to understand what works and how, this is quite enough. Before requesting your samples to be posted, make sure you have enough material to demonstrate. Some platforms also require new tracks to be uploaded regularly.

What equipment do you need for sound design?

• Computer (desktop or laptop)

• Software: sound editor, plugins

• Sound card

• Studio monitors

• Monitor headphones.

This is the most minimal set of equipment that a sound designer will need at the initial stage. It can and should be expanded depending on the tasks that you face. So, most likely, a MIDI keyboard, arranger or synthesizer will come in handy.

The most trending way to date to make a profit from your creativity is video blogging. You can shoot videos using different equipment, sometimes even a mobile phone is enough. But if we talk about blogging as a source of income, then you should take care of the technique of a sufficiently high level, because the quality of video and sound play an important role in the number and duration of views.

The main advantages of blogging are the implementation of creative ideas, communication with like-minded people and viewers, popularity and the possibility of earning. If we talk about the minuses, then this is the complexity and high time costs, high competition, a large number of negative reactions that you will not always be able to perceive adequately.

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The largest blogging platform is YouTube. Beginning bloggers are often interested in how and how much you can earn on it. The main thing here is to understand that from the very beginning you will have to work on bare enthusiasm, because you can enable channel monetization only when the number of channel subscribers meets the requirements of the platform.

When you enter the advertising network, you can count on 0.7-1.5 USD per 1000 views. Direct cooperation with advertisers is relevant for promoted channels and each author has his own rates. As donations, some insignificant amount is usually taken, for example, the cost of a cup of coffee. In any case, it is important to understand that the main condition for good earnings is building up a loyal audience plus creating high-quality and interesting content.

As we have already noted, video content is a good video sequence and sound. The most important thing in sound is intelligibility when viewed from any device. An alternative or addition to a microphone can be a recorder that records sound on its own or with a microphone connected to it. For more information on microphone selection and noise reduction techniques, check out our YouTube videos and guides on the website.

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