Can I find a song by humming?

Sooner or later, any music lover faces a problem – how to find a song you like if you don’t know its name? It can be pop, rock, rap or any other direction.

It is for searching the Internet for the music you like that there are special identification applications. There are several such applications today. But most of them will only be able to find a piece of music when part of the original song or music is recorded on the microphone. That is, in the form in which it exists in the internet. The application simply accesses its database and finds the desired musical composition in it.

If you just hum music, then you will not be able to use most of the applications, because the search will not give the expected result. In this case, you can effectively use the SoundHound app.

SoundHound allows you to find music even when a person is just humming or whistling a melody. Of course, the search will not always be successful. Its success depends largely on the level of ambient background noise. It is also necessary to hum the tune of the melody or the words of the song as clearly as possible for the search in the application database. The more information the application receives about the desired musical composition, the faster it will conduct an effective search.

Try it free

SoundHound is available as a free version or as a subscription to this app. The difference lies in the large amount of ads in the free version. You can also state a lower level of sensitivity in the absence of a paid subscription.

The application creates bookmarks with song tags in order to use them effectively in the future.

But finding a song by tune doesn’t always bring good results. Sometimes the user gets a completely different result than he expected, in which case it is necessary to repeat the search, trying to hum the song as clearly as possible. A significant advantage of the application is its intuitive search based on efficient algorithms.

Try it free