Can I Listen To Deezer Offline?

The popular French music streaming service Dizer has a paid and free version. The free version, of course, has many limitations. And these restrictions largely prevent you from listening to streaming music on the service with great comfort.

Unfortunately, the free Deezer can get a little annoying after a while of use. The program builds its suggestions into your favorite songs, some songs are unmissable, and besides, there are ads here and there.

For $9.99 per month, the user gets the ability to download music (required to listen to songs offline), play and create personalized playlists. The paid app has no ads, and the restriction on skipping songs has been lifted. The streaming service allows doubtful listeners to test the full functionality of the application without any obligation for a certain period. You can unsubscribe from the service at any time.

 Can I Listen To Deezer Offline

Deezer is definitely a smaller player than YouTube Music or Spotify, which occupy the higher rungs of the global music streaming podium. The database of available songs is slightly smaller, but still has over 70 million different songs.

In the free version, the user has to deal with additional advertising, the inability to skip certain songs. Also, there is no way to listen to music without the Internet offline, and besides, playback from playlists is random. Deezer in the premium version fully unlocks the features that were limited in the free version. Music without Wi-Fi and internet connection can be listened to offline.

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Deezer Premium removes ads, lets you skip all songs, and you can test the app for 30 days for free. Deezer also offers a popular subscription mode: Deezer Family. Functionally, it does not differ from the premium version, with the exception of one important change. Six accounts can be logged into Deezer Family at the same time, so we can join friends or family on a monthly basis, which greatly reduces the subscription cost.

The free version is pretty stripped down and gets annoying after a while. Is it profitable then to use a subscription? Prices for premium features hover around $10 per month. This is slightly less than the average Internet package, for example 30 GB. In such a situation, we not only save a few dollars a month, but also do not depend on the quality of the signal. This signal can be lost, especially when we travel a lot by car, train, or go on trips out of town.

Listening to music without the Internet in such situations will be much more convenient – the songs do not jam, we can freely scroll through them offline, quickly change playlists. Therefore, the search for the possibility to listen to music offline with the help of the French music streaming application Dizer is quite justified. It is also worth mentioning that the highest sound quality of this streaming service, for which it is famous, is only available in its premium version.

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